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Stay Calm and Read On

Part One:  Abstinence

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Park Two:  Addiction

Netflix - the new  drink of choice? 


I’m a technology holdout. I was determined to never text. I didn’t want to link in to anything, or have my face booked, or twitter totter all day. But I’ve learned that without it, you don’t see, hear or know anything, and so it’s not possible to hold out on social media – unless you want to end up in a bet that Jay Leno still hosts “The Tonight Show.”


"House of Cards" puts us on shaky ground ...


I broke down. I got Netflix. All the hype and binge-watching by friends got the best of me and I have to see what all the flix fuss is about.


I like Kevin Spacey and White House dramas, so I watch the first episode of “House of Cards.” And then I watch the second one. Just because I can ...


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Women Are Fit to be (Neck) Tied ...


In the 1981 movie “Arthur,” there’s a great line when Arthur (Dudley Moore) sees Linda (Liza Minnelli) putting a tie in her bag and Arthur says, “She stole that tie! It’s the perfect crime, girls don’t wear ties!”


The Birds and the Bees and Bieber ...


What does it matter what I wear for this? Just pick a shirt and be done with it. We’re just gonna talk. I want us to talk and then sort of forget about it. I don’t want him to be in his 40s and then one day say, “Mom, I remember you were wearing a bright red sweater the day we had The Talk ...


Here's the Down & Dirty on the Dirty Thirty


Here they come. Barreling through the front door, fresh off the school bus. One backpack gets flung at a living room chair. The other gets slung to the sofa. Shoes drop like bread crumbs from the front hall to the back den, where bags of chips are ripped open, crumbs falling to the floor.


Second Grade Math Tells a Fraction of the Story ...


My little boy plops down at the kitchen counter and asks if I can help with his math. He begins …


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"Tracy Curtis brings a little laughter to the daily grind of parenting with her clever writing, mom wisdom and wit. We trust her to deliver stories on time and on target, with a unique perspective on topics about life with kids."


Eve White - Editor, Publisher Charlotte Parent Magazine


These columns initially appeared in the "Carolina Living" section of The Charlotte Observer and are reprinted here with The Observer's permission.

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